Solutions as a Service. Allowing utilities to maximize resources and empowering consumers to participate

A smarter, integrated approach to implementing Smart Grid solutions

Smart Grid products are increasingly more cost-effective when implemented together. The challenge is figuring out how to do so while minimizing utility up-front capital expenses and integration risks.

Through Grid IQ, GE's commitments to modernizing the electrical infrastructure, and GE’s Predictivity Industrial Internet solutions, we have developed packaged services to remove utility limitations and fully reap the benefits of a Smarter Grid.

Grid IQ Solutions as a Service

Grid IQ Solutions as a Service, a GE Predictivity™ solution, delivers GE-hosted subscription based Smart Grid service “packages” designed to leverage GE’s breadth, experience, and Smart Grid technology to shift integration, financial, and deployment risks away from the utility and provide a cost-effective Smart Grid solution. 

The offering utilizes GE-owned Smart Grid software and hardware technologies and strategic partnerships to provide meters and metering services, AMI, meter data management, an Outage Management System (OMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), pre-payment, and a Geospatial Information System (GIS) as pre-integrated standard packages for faster deployment at a low up front cost and with low utility risk.


Grid IQ Demand Optimization

GE's Demand Response Management System (DRMS) allows utilities to make the best use of their load resources for peak load management and grid operation support, while also enabling consumers to better manage their own consumption and manage their energy costs.

GE's DRMS integrates leading edge software, communications tools, smart meters and our unmatched energy experience. This big-picture thinking maximizes the flexibility and accuracy available for each event. GE's DRMS delivers comprehensive demand-side management support.

The GE Demand Optimization solution can be seamlessly integrated and hosted on top of the GridIQ Solutions as a Service offering or as a standalone package.