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MultiLink Ethernet Switches: Configuration

EnerVista Software Supported
The MultiLink Switches are supported by the EnerVista Suite of software and provides user-friendly tools for configuring, monitoring and integrating your switches into a monitoring and control system.

EnerVista Web Configuration and Reporting Software
The EnerVista Web Interface allows programming of all settings in the MultiLink Switches using a simple web browser. The intuitive configuration and monitoring screens will allow you to quickly and easily configure and troubleshoot your Ethernet Network. EnerVista Web Configuration Software features include:

Communication Status & Port Navigation
  • Instant graphical indication of the status of all communication ports
  • Identify the configuration of all communication parameters
  • Ability to click on any of the shown Ethernet terminals to jump immediately to the settings screen for that port

  • Intuitive Menu Driven Configuration
  • Navigate through configuration screens using a categorized menu tree
  • Configure all Settings using menu driven pull-down fields
  • Program Alarm triggers by selecting from a list of all possible conditions
  • Eliminate the need to memorize any CLI commands

  • Powerful Troubleshooting Statistics
  • Monitor traffic statistics using intuitive bar graph representations
  • Identify the amount and type of traffic sent and received through each port
  • Identify the number of CRC Errors, Collisions, and Dropped packets occurring on each port
  • Clear and Restart the capturing of port statistics to allow for troubleshooting of network problems

  • Viewpoint Monitoring Supported

    The MultiLink Switches are supported by the Viewpoint Monitoring software that allows for monitoring the status of the Local Area Networks and Alarming of Network problems into your Viewpoint Monitoring and Control Systems. Alarms about your network that can be monitored by the Viewpoint Monitoring Software include:

  • Network Port Failures
  • Power Supply Unavailability
  • Access Authentication Failures
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Broadcast Storms Detected

  • Viewpoint Monitoring provides monitoring of the status of all network ports, indication of network problems and alarming of unauthorized network access attempts

    EnerVista™ Integrator Supported
    EnerVista™ Integrator enables you to seamlessly integrate data from your MultiLink Ethernet Switches into a new or existing monitoring and control system. With EnerVista™ Integrator, you will be able to send the data recorded in your MultiLink switches, along with data from your other GE Multilin devices into OPC client software such as Cimplicity, WonderWare, Citect, and PI Historian.