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MDS Licensed Network
Loyalty Program
Upgrade your MDS ™ x710 or MDS SD Series Network with the MDS Orbit Platform

As application requirements have evolved, GE MDS has developed innovative technology to deliver secure, flexible, and high performance wireless communications solutions. Evolve your network, and evolve with GE.

Evolve Your Network

Applications such as SCADA and asset monitoring require new levels of connectivity and performance. The MDS Orbit ™ platform provides modern wireless router capabilities for higher performance communication over licensed spectrum thanks to its QAM radio technology.

The MDS Orbit platform provides two Evolution Solutions for x710 and SD customers to migrate their existing networks:
1.  Orbit Backwards Compatibility with x710 and SD A-modem networks
2.  Coexistence between Orbit and legacy Licensed spectrum radios on the same antenna infrastructure

These Evolution Solutions provide you with flexibility to complete your migration at your own pace and on your individualized plan. Operate a mix of x710, SD, or other licensed legacy radios with Orbit radios in a single network and gradually migrate to a complete Orbit network over time

As you complete your migration, you can enable a broad range of new features and capabilities. The MDS Orbit delivers advanced networking to connect IP-enabled PLCs, RTUs, and host SCADA systems. Key features of the MDS Orbit include:

  • High performance licensed QAM radio technology that is capable of 120Kbps of line rate in a 25KHz channel with Bi-directional Adaptive Modulation and a patented Media Access Control (MAC)
  • Contemporary security with X.509 Certificate Management, IPSec VPN, DMVPN, Stateful Firewall, Centralized User Authorization and Authentication, Secure Firmware and Secure Boot.
  • Modern networking including dynamic routing, full Layer 2 Bridging, a variety of high availability capabilities and advanced Quality of Service
Evolve with GE

As a user of the MDS x710 and SD Series products, we would like to show you our appreciation of your loyalty when you upgrade to the MDS Orbit radio.

Enjoy additional discounts on MDS Orbit purchases when you return your legacy devices to GE MDS.

    Terms and Conditions
  • Offer valid until December 31, 2017.
  • Loyalty Program credit extended to new product purchases of MDS Orbit and MDS Master Station only. Accessories, Spare parts, Software, and Refurbished products are excluded.
  • Loyalty Program cannot be combined with any other GE Industrial Communications product promotions.
For more information on the MDS Orbit platform, click here.
View and interact with our Interactive MDS Orbit platform explorer online.

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