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Software/Firmware Downloads

Directory: Main / entraNET / Remap_memory

The sole purpose of this firmware is to remap the memory of REV150 and earlier to the new V2.3.4+ firmware. This remap operation is only applicable for APs. It is not used for remotes.

Once the memory is remapped you will NOT be able to return to the previous firmware image (REV150 or earlier).

The file contains the following files:
  • enet-2_2_0.gpk - The binary executable which is to be loaded into the entraNet radio over a network connection using TFTP. Please see the release notes or the eNetFirmwareUpgrade.txt file for additional information concerning the software upgrade process.
  • eNET Release Notes 2_2_0.doc - The release notes detailing new features, modifications, and known limitations of the software.
  • 05-4289A02_232_entraNET-RemoteReprogramming.pdf – This file contains a description of how to update remotes. 

File NameSize
05-4288A02_232_entraNET-AP-FlashRemap.pdf [140K]
05-4289A02_232_entraNET-RemoteReprogramming.pdf [160K] [4.3M]