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Software/Firmware Downloads

Directory: Main / Orbit_MCR / Cell

This directory contains the latest carrier-specific firmware files for select MDS Orbit 4G LTE cellular modules. An upgrade of modem firmware allows the user to operate an Orbit device on a cellular carrier that is different from what the device was configured for in the factory. Upgradable modems include all MDS Orbit ECR 4G modules and select Orbit MCR 4G modules.

Please refer to the document titled “How to Upgrade Orbit Cellular Modem Firmware” in the directory below for more details on the upgrade process.

Firmware compatible with North American MDS Orbit ECR or MCR 4G LTE modules with FCC ID: N7NMC7355 / IC ID: 2417c - MC7355 (see product bottom label)
cell-4g1-x.x.x.mpk = Orbit cell firmware image (4G1*), AT&T
cell-4g2-x.x.x.mpk = Orbit cell firmware image (4G2*), Rogers
cell-4g3-x.x.x.mpk = Orbit cell firmware image (4G3*), Telus
cell-4g4-x.x.x.mpk = Orbit cell firmware image (4G4*), Bell Canada
cell-4g5-x.x.x.mpk = Orbit cell firmware image (4G5*), Verizon Wireless

Firmware compatible with Europe, Middle East and APAC MDS Orbit ECR or MCR 4G LTE modules with ETSI/CE ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cell-e4s-x.x.x.mpk = Orbit cell firmware image (E4S*), international - not carrier specific
cell-e42-x.x.x.mpk = Orbit cell firmware image (E42*), international - Telstra Specific

*Online store configuration string code corresponding to a 4G LTE carrier specific configuration

File NameSize
cell-4g1-1.0.2.mpk [33.2M]
cell-4g2-1.0.0.mpk [33.1M]
cell-4g2-1.0.1.mpk [33.2M]
cell-4g3-1.0.0.mpk [33.1M]
cell-4g3-1.0.1.mpk [33.2M]
cell-4g4-1.0.0.mpk [33.1M]
cell-4g4-1.0.1.mpk [33.2M]
cell-4g5-1.0.2.mpk [33.2M]
cell-4g6-1.0.1.mpk [33.3M]
cell-e42-1.0.1.mpk [33.2M]
cell-e4s-1.0.2.mpk [33.2M]