GE-ALSTOM TRANSACTION Effective 2nd November 2015, GE acquired Alstom’s energy businesses. The Alstom content available on this site is for information purposes only.
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Power Transformers lifecycle management

Attention to details is very important when working with large power transformers, Alstom Grid provides specialised technical services that cover the complete lifecycle of your transformer.

Alstom Grid supports all transformers and reactors, irrespective of their manufacture.

We undertake extensive investigations and repairs on site or in workshop when required and modernise mature transformers by replacing key components with modern equivalents.

Condition assessments contribute to product reliability where failures reduction is facilitated by non-intrusive inspections that trigger condition-based-maintenance.

Our range of services:

  • Comprehensive solutions considering technical, financial, planning, environmental, regulatory risks
  • Short lead-times compared to new equipments
  • Equipments’ life extension and optimisation
  • Strategic spare parts management
  • Improved power quality and ratings
  • Switch to proactive maintenance
  • Repair of defective parts
  • Change the voltage levels
  • Reduction of losses and noises
  • Reduced system outages/failures and related costs
  • Higher return on investment
  • Increased safety and environmental conditions
  • Complete turn-key

  • Assembly, Disassembly
  • Full relocation services
  • Erection, testing & commissioning
  • Technical audits, Inspections, maintenance, condition assessment
  • Electrical testing services
  • Basic routing testing: winding and bushing power factor, turns ratio, winding resistance, insulation resistance, excitation current, CT testing ,etc.
  • Special testing: SFRA, FDS, PDC…

    Emergency support, diagnosis and expertise

    Fault remediation and repairs

  • Bushings, gaskets, gauges, manholes, radiator, LTC, Oil processing, etc
  • Some major repairs on active part can be carried at customer’s premises by using mobile tools and test equipments.

    Life Extension & Retrofit

  • Cooling system upgrade
  • Accessories upgrade and renovation
  • Tap Changer retrofit
  • Rewinding of active part
  • AIM

  • Alstom Grid offers 4 levels to assess the transformer operational condition simply referred as AIM (Asset Information Management); the 4 levels are used because transformers also range in criticality and importance. Therefore assessment can range from basic oil analysis plus an external inspection; or can add diagnosis electrical testing or intrusive inspection for fault location and residual life assessment; right through to continuous condition monitoring.

    Oil Analysis

  • Our laboratories perform reliable fluid analysis tests in order to provide an expert assessment of your transformer.

    On-line Condition monitoring

  • By adding the MS3000 to your transformers, our experts could have on-line access to the vital transformer information and history in order to prevent failure and propose remediation plans or corrective maintenance.
  • This service is very suitable for substations requiring particular care and for the ones with difficult or remote access without on site expert such as Oil & Gas platforms, offshore rigs, power plants, electro-intensive industries.
  • Repairs, renovation & redesign in service workshops

  • When sending the transformer to the workshop or factory is unavoidable, our service team will offer the most cost effective repair with shortest possible lead-time.
  • We have dedicated service workshops - see TR3 - equipped with state-of-art testing tools, oven and winding machines, including reverse engineering capabilities.
  • Spare parts & accessories

  • Recommendation and supply of strategic spare parts for in-house stock inventory
  • Reverse engineering for old products


  • Our customised training and competence management programs as well standard trainings for operators and maintenance personnel can be found on our training catalogue.