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Gas-insulated substations lifecycle management

With more than 40 years of worldwide experience dedicated to GIS technology on legacy products Alstom Grid provides a full range of services through qualified engineers in order to maximise the asset life time:

SF6 management
The Alstom Grid service experts are fully certified and equipped for SF6 gas handling in every step of equipment lifecycle up to equipment decommissioning and SF6 reclamation process.

SF6 management includes several trainings in our catalogue to support our customers in their SF6management corporate program which is aimed to reduce SF6 consumption.

Alstom Grid has developed a set of practices and devices summarised in the green offers brochure in order to reduce SF6 gas emission through leakage detection and prevention. 

GIS maintenances
In order to secure the optimum uptime of the equipments, Alstom Grid recommends to follow the instructions included in operator manuals for inspection and preventive maintenances. Each of the operations of the maintenances must be carried out by qualified service engineer according to technical level as indicated.

Typical maintenances are annual inspections, 5 and 10 years maintenances and overhauling by default, while operations-based or condition-based maintenances are the most efficient alternatives.

As original equipment manufacturer, Alstom Grid service experts are the best partners for consulting, planning and maintenance execution. 

GIS condition monitoring
Continuous condition monitoring allows shifting from time-based to condition-based maintenance strategy providing a more cost-efficient service while improving capability to predict and prevent failures. On-line technology enables remote technical support and diagnosis for better customer support in the decision making process of operations and maintenance.

Condition monitoring devices embed capabilities of generating alarms on settable thresholds in absolute value and time trend.

BWatch monitors SF6, circuit breaker condition and internal arc localisation. 
PDWatch monitors continuously the partial discharge level, using external or internal UHF captors. 

Both electronic devices are equipped with advanced communication features; this enables remote access and analysis functions on substation or upper level.

GIS Modernisation for aging GIS Switchgears 

Cost effective life extension solution by avoiding complete shutdown and major civil works, our GIS modernisation solution helps customers to determine the best solution according to your needs. This solution reduces downtime, increases reliability of the equipment while reducing SF6 volume and losses.

Based on age and condition of equipment, our engineers will design a retrofit solution that can extend equipment lifetime up.

This solution may adapt new design circuit-breakers, accessories as well advanced monitoring devices, control and protection systems, SF6 tightness renovation, earthing switch mechanisms and replacement of bursting discs, filling valves, moisture absorbers…

GIS extension and upgrades 
Typical extensions are additional bays, while new requirements on short circuit, nominal current ratings, evolving EMC specifications, partial discharge sensors are examples of upgrades solutions as well new VT’s and CT’s to cover new network requirements 

GIS spare parts
In order to minimise delays due to parts ordering and delivery process, Alstom Grid proposes strategic spare part inventory designed according to specific installed base by leveraging global service experience and statistics.

Maintenance kits are designed based on aggregated service experience in order to offer comprehensive components and instructions for replacement during preventive maintenances.

Several training courses are available in our training centers for operations and maintenance per GIS product range, covering as well monitoring devices and SF6 management.

  • Comprehensive solutions considering technical, financial, planning, environmental, regulatory risks
  • Short lead-times compared to new equipments
  • Equipments’ life extension and optimisation
  • Strategic spare parts management
  • Improved power quality and ratings
  • Switch to proactive maintenance
  • Repair of defective parts
  • Change the voltage levels
  • Reduction of losses and noises
  • Reduced system outages/failures and related costs
  • Higher return on investment
  • Increased safety and environmental conditions

Downloads for the Gas-insulated substations lifecycle management