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Disconnectors lifecycle management

Disconnectors guarantee the safety of the people working on high voltage networks providing visibile and reliable air gap isolation.

Alstom Grid worldwide experience over more than 100,000 high voltage disconnectors is ideal service partner to support your needs of minimisation of equipment failure rate at lowest costs, maximising your employees’ safety.

Those services, performed by local trained and certified Field service engineers, allow fast response time and cost effective service for optimised customer asset availability and life time.

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  • Scheduled Inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Condition assessment of the kinematic chain and contacts


  • Strategic inventory tailored to product installed base
  • Maintenance kits


  • Maintenance and equipment operation training


  • Full equipment overhaul
  • Installation of built-in earthing switches (even with mechanical interlocking)
  • Conversion of tri-polar action into single-pole action
  • Rated and short circuit current up-rating
  • Motorisation of manually operated disconnectors / earth switches, with standard or digital motor mechanisms
  • Engineering studies for special project requirements

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