GE-ALSTOM TRANSACTION Effective 2nd November 2015, GE acquired Alstom’s energy businesses. The Alstom content available on this site is for information purposes only.
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Expert site assessment & advisory services

The solution starts from Alstom Grid’s ability to collect from the field a variety of advanced asset condition data on a large scale for all types of electrical assets, Alstom or non-Alstom OEM, using a range of measurement techniques. These include:

  • visual inspections
  • electrical tests
  • transformer oil sampling and dissolved gas analysis
  • partial discharge measurements
  • infrared thermographs
  • SF6 leakage detection

These site inspections are supported by a well-defined methodology resulting from decades of experience in servicing power equipment.

This methodology is now supported by advanced mobility tools. Running on tablets, the collection of measurements, pictures and other data is fully automated up to enterprise level, increasing productivity while ensuring data completeness and correctness.

Our Alstom Grid experts can also provide audits, diagnostics and recommendations to help streamline maintenance and optimise assets spending. This is particularly relevant in organisations that are facing large scale workforce retirements in the coming years.