GE-ALSTOM TRANSACTION Effective 2nd November 2015, GE acquired Alstom’s energy businesses. The Alstom content available on this site is for information purposes only.
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High power for ferrous metals

The ferrous metals industry not only consumes vast amounts of electricity, but also uses production processes that are reliant on having a dependable power supply.

Stepping up to these challenges, Alstom Grid has taken a leading role in providing complete power distribution systems. Starting at the power intake from transmission lines, these systems move power progressively through to the main receiving substations (MRSS) at 420/220/110 kV level, onward to the load block distribution substations (LBDS) at 33/12/6.6 kV level, and up to each electrical load centre of the raw material handling yard, sinter plant, blast furnace, steel smelting shop, rolling and processing plants.

Using sophisticated and full-blown SCADA systems, we assure harmonious and efficient monitoring and operation of all substations from high voltage down tolow voltage feeders. We also provide real-time information to operators and plant management on the electrical system status.

Our integrated iron and steel plant offer includes advanced Static VAR Compensation Systems and furnace transformers, while for ferro alloy plants (nickel, chromium, manganese), our offer includes rectifier stations for the DC arc furnaces).

In addition, we use capacitor-based filters across the network and undertake electrical network studies across the HV/MV/LV network.

Our fields of expertise: 

  • Project management
  • Electrical network consulting
  • Equipment expertise and diagnosis
  • HV/MV/LV substations and auxiliary power distribution
  • Energy management systems
  • SVC for power quality solutions
  • Protection relays
  • Electrical control systems including power management
  • Power and special transformers
  • A complete range of services including maintenance, refurbishment and training