GE-ALSTOM TRANSACTION Effective 2nd November 2015, GE acquired Alstom’s energy businesses. The Alstom content available on this site is for information purposes only.
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Special transformers for industrial applications

Alstom Grid power transformer solutions for metal industries applications, capitalizing on over 40 years of experience, also includes a wide range of rectifier transformers for electrolysis process of metal or chemical industries, as well as AC or DC Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF) transformers. With expertise in products up to the highest ratings in the world, Alstom Grid references include rectifier transformer combinations above 80 kA DC current ratings and EAF transformers up to 300 MVA.

Rectifier Transformers   

Alstom Grid power transformer portfolio also include a wide range of rectifier transformers especially developed for industrial applications such as electrolysis process for aluminum or chemical ones for zinc, copper or chlorine.

With more than 35 years of experience supplying rectifier power transformers to more than

80 industrial projects all over the world, Alstom Grid has developed unique skills and experience to propose solutions adapted to your specific industrial processes, whether for new installations or refurbishments.

A complete range that fits your rectifier:

  • 100-500 V DC & up to 140 kA DC for Zinc, Copper and Chlorine electrolysis
  • 450-1600 V DC & up to 110 kA DC for Aluminum electrolysis

Electrical Arc Furnace Transformers (EAF) 

Alstom Grid, with more than four decades of proven expertise, is the indisputable leader in extra-high power EAF transformers, and the quality and performance of our products are field-tested every day at steel production sites around the world.

Arc furnace transformers deliver high currents over a wide range of voltages. While power ratings between 10 and 300 MVA and secondary currents of more than 100 kA are quite common, our EAF transformers are precisely adapted to the extreme thermal, mechanical and dielectric constraints of the furnace load cycles.

In order to improve the efficiency of the service currents and to maintain the system's stability, furnace series reactors may be also added, which can be housed in the same EAF transformer's tank.

Special transformers for industrial applications