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Product Catalogue: Power transformers


For all applications, Alstom Grid proposes a cost effective solution to facilitate the electric stress control of your equipment. Our bushings for electrical transmission offer AC and DC solutions with high-value customer benefits: longer lifetime and higher reliability, increased safety, no maintenance and installation flexibility.

Conventional Power Transformers

The most common application of power transformers to connect AC networks of different voltage levels to allow power exchange between them, while handling all specified requirements of each individual network.

Generator Step-up (GSU) transformers

As an essential element of all nuclear, thermal or hydraulic power stations, generator transformers are step-up transformers with delta-connected LV windings energized by the generator voltage, while star connected HV windings are connected to the transmission lines.

Green Power Transformers offering

Environmental concerns and energy efficiency take more and more importance day after day. Alstom Grid has developed a wide offering of green solutions for power transformers ranging from 10 to 200 MVA and ratings up to 245kV.


Hermetically sealed power transformers without oil conservator are Alstom’s field-proven answer to today’s needs.

MS 3000 Transformers' monitoring system

After more than 10 years of experience in transformer monitoring systems, and following the acclaimed MS 2000,Alstom Grid has just launched the MS 3000 online condition monitoring and expert system.

Oil-immersed Reactors

Shunt reactors are used to increase the grid stability and to maintain an economically acceptable level of insulation on networks with long transmission lines between power plants and consumption areas, especially if these lines are low loaded or buried.

Power Transformers Services

When working with large power transformers, attention to small details is very important. Alstom Grid Service teams provide specialized technical services covering the complete life cycle of your transformer.

Special transformers for industrial applications

Alstom Grid power transformer solutions for metal industries applications, capitalizing on over 40 years of experience, also includes a wide range of rectifier transformers for electrolysis process of metal or chemical industries, as well as AC or DC Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF) transformers.

The making of Rio Madeira Converter Transformers

The making of Rio Madeira Converter Transformers

Special transformers for transmission networks

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems allow the transmission of energy over long distances and are also solutions for interconnection of networks with different characteristics and frequencies