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For all applications, Alstom Grid proposes a cost effective solution to facilitate the electric stress control of your equipment. Our bushings for electrical transmission offer AC and DC solutions with high-value customer benefits: longer lifetime and higher reliability, increased safety, no maintenance and installation flexibility.

For more than 90 years, Alstom Grid bushings have been synonymous with excellence, quality and competence in the high voltage field. Alstom Grid has three dedicated factories in Italy, India and China, with Italy being the centre of competence and development.

Motivated to provide you with innovative and superior quality products, our vision remains focused on meeting customer requirements while anticipating and exceeding the needs of a continuously changing market.

Our offer includes all technologies: RIP, OIP, Hybrid, SF6, ERBP for all applications and up to 1100 kV AC and 800 kV DC 

You will find more information on Passoni & Villa* bushings for electrical transmission.

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* Passoni & Villa is an Alstom company

Resin Impregnated Paper

  • Up to 245 kV
  • Power transformers (oil-to-air, oil-to-oil, oil-to-SF6)
  • Through-wall applications
  • AC Generators

Oil Impregnated Paper

  • Up to 1200 kV
  • Power transformers
    (oil-to-air, oil-to-oil, oil-to-SF6)
  • Through-wall applications


  • DC converter bushing up to 800KVDC
  • Based on two technologies: OIP+SF6 or RIP+SF6

Epoxy Resin Bonded Paper

  • Up to 30 kV
  • AC generators (Hydrogen and water cooling)

SF6 insulated

  • Up to 800 kV
  • GIS, GIL and dead tank (air-to-SF6)
  • through-wall applications
  • Design parts patented

By application 

Power Transformers Bushings

OIP technology

Technologie du papier imprégné dans l’huile

Oil to air transformer bushings, for the connection to the HV transmission or distribution system


52-1200 kV

52-245 kV

25-765 kV




Oil to SF6 for the connection to the SF6 metal enclosed bus ducts


72,5-1050 kV



Oil to oil for the connection to the HV cables


72,5-1050 kV


Air to air

72,5-420 kV



RIP technology

Resin Impregnated Paper transformer bushings


52-170 kV

72,5-245 kV

24-36 kV


Oil to air application


Oil to oil application


Oil to air transformer bushings


Power Generator Bushings 

ERBP technology

Generator High Current ERBP bushing up to 36 kV-45.000 A



RIP technology

Generator High Current RIP bushing up to 25 kV-5.400 A


Wall Bushings

Gas insulated technology air to air

up to 800 kV AC & DC applications 

PWS (AC solution) and PWHS (DC solution)


DC converters bushings

Hybrid technology for DC converter bushings (OIP + SF6 up to 1,100 kV; RIP + SF6 above 420 kV)


GIS bushings
Up to 550 kV