GE-ALSTOM TRANSACTION Effective 2nd November 2015, GE acquired Alstom’s energy businesses. The Alstom content available on this site is for information purposes only.
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OSKF Current Transformer up to 800 kV

Current Transformer  

  • Metering - Protection  
  • Top core design
  • High quality paper-oil insulation
  • Porcelain or composite insulator

Main Characteristics 

  • Un: 72.5 to 765 kV
  • In: up to 5000 A
  • In short-circuit: up to 80 kA1”(Isc dyn: 200 - kA peak)
  • Secondary cores: up to 9
  • Oil expansion by stainless steel bellows
  • Oil level indicator
  • Available high and extended range accuracy design (ERCT)
  • Compliance with IEC, ANSI/IEEE or equivalent standards
  • DC current transformers available

Key Benefits 

  • Special accuracy classes for protection: TPS, TPX, TPY, PR
  • World leader in seismic solutions
  • Expertise in 800 kV
  • Stable accuracy over its life time
  • Maintenance free
  • Design verified by extensive field experience
  • Protection against bursting