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KOTEF Combined Current and Voltage Transformer (up to 420 kV) | Alstom Grid

Combined Current and Voltage Transformer

The KOTEF is designed to provide both current and voltage measurements from a single device. It utilizes the same components as the individual CTs and VTs. Both transformers are combined in a single insulator and are available in porcelain or composite.

Main Characteristics 

  • Un: 72.5 to 420 kV
  • Oil expansion by stainless steel diaphragm bellows
  • Oil level indicator
  • Secondary cores in aluminum box
  • Changing of primary ratio by primary series-parallel connection (double or triple ratio) or by secondary taps
  • Compliance with IEC, ANSI/IEEE or equivalent standards
  • Paper oil insulation
  • Alstom Grid is the only manufacturer of 420 kV combined metering unit

Key Benefits 

  • Excellent solution for adding metering capability to either a new substation installation or a site being upgraded where space is at a premium
  • Price advantage
  • Space saving: only one base
  • Cost savings on transportation and assembly
  • Maintenance free
  • Protection against bursting