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Compact Optical Sensor Intelligence

New Optical Instrument Transformer technology Fully IEC 61850 compliant and contributing to Smarter Grids Networks 

Alstom Grid Instrument Transformers product line has developed a brand new range of digital instrument transformer solutions enabling full IEC 61850 implementation and contributing to transmission architectures for today’s and tomorrow’s electricity smart grid networks. 

This innovative range, called COSI – Compact Optical Sensor Intelligence- is made up of innovative products serving both AC (up to 1200kV) and DC (up to 800kV) transmission systems but also high current DC applications such as aluminum electrolysis companies. 

Product characteristics Increased Safety, Intelligence and flexibility, availability and global savings

  • Key technological features
  • Wide dynamic range (1 A to 5000 A),
  • Provide direct digital output for metering applications
  • Greater flexibility (bus mounting, horizontal or direct assembly on the circuit breakers)
  • Fully self-diagnostic, flexibility through Software configurability

Key economic features Simplified and reduced cabling

  • Standard optical fiber
  • Compact solution and lightweight
  • Smaller substation footprint
  • Near zero maintenance
  • Reduced inventories


COSI sets the benchmark in transmission network architecture for today’s and tomorrow’s electricity networks!