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SX Pantograph Disconnector Up to 1000 kV

The SX is a space saving double scissor aluminium disconnector connecting the lower busbar to the upper one via the pantograph arms. Horizontal rather than vertical separation means a space reduction of as much as 30%.

Main Characteristics 

  • Rated voltage from 72,5 to 1000kV
  • Very clear busbar arrangement and routing results in increased safety
  • Reliable in adverse operating conditions such as high winds and heavy ice
  • Always stable in close position during short circuits
  • Galvanized structural steel base assures high strength and rigid design
  • Double scissor design ensures low current density and high mechanical strength
  • Streamlined contours reduce RIV and corona effects

Key Benefits 

  • Reduced substation space (up to -30%)
  • Flexibility due to rigid or flex busbars
  • High rigidity due to double scissor design
  • Built-in earthing switch available
  • Corrosion free materials mean virtually no maintenance
  • Easy start-up and commissioning