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Live Tank Circuit Breakers up to 800 kV

Based on our experience with the S1, HGF and FXT types of circuit breakers, the improved GL300 series is safer and more reliable.

It offers a new generation spring operating mechanism and tie rod that enable quick and easy onsite installation.

This range of live tank circuit breakers can be used everywhere in the energy field even in highly polluted and low temperature environments. They benefit from single and three pole application and their low energy operation makes them a cost-effective option. The GL Live Tank circuit breaker range includes breakers using the double motion technology and reduced size chamber porcelain components. Both enable customers to use the least amount of SF6 gas as possible for an environmentally-friendly application

Live Tank Circuit Breaker for 550 kV

Main Characteristics 

  • One and three pole operation
  • Options on demand: synchronized switching, low temperature, monitoring device, intelligent device.
  • Tested to IEC/ANSI standard
  • Fully spring operating mechanism for all range

Key Benefits 

  • Operates in all kinds of extreme climate conditions
  • Increased safety High mechanical endurance
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy access to the SF6 filling connection
  • Low energy operation