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MU Agile AMU - Analogue Merging Unit

MU Agile AMU is Alstom Grid’s stand-alone merging unit, KEMA-certified to the IEC 61850-9-2LE process bus standard.

Digitise the output of conventional instrument transformers in the substation with this compact, accurate and withdrawable device. The AMU complements the MiCOM Px40 range of relays with an IEC 61850-9-2LE interface for building digital bays or full digital substations.

Low risk transition to Digital Substations 
MU Agile AMU has been developed as a low risk pathway from conventional to digital substation architectures. The device uses the same internal CTs and VTs as the MiCOM Px4x, which have been proven in transmission and distribution applications around the world.

Reduced copper cabling
The device may be installed outdoors where necessary (e.g. AIS substation) in a suitable kiosk. By digitising instrument transformer signals close to the primary plant, the amount of copper cabling in the substation is substantially reduced, this lowers costs and increases safety.

Simple configuration
Device configuration is simply managed through the front USB of the device using MU Agile Configurator software, and can be completed in minutes. No serial port connections are required.

Truly open communication
MU Agile AMU fully complies with the international guideline IEC61850-9-2LE. This makes the promise of multi-vendor process bus systems a reality.

MU Agile AMU - A smooth transition from the conventional to the digital substation

  • Accurate, time synchronised measurement of power system data
  • Publishes sampled values according to IEC61850-9-2LE 
  • Uses the same internal transformers for current and voltage measurement as the MiCOM Px40 product family
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Compact, cost effective solution – deploy in any small kiosk in the yard
  • Withdrawable, with integrated CT shorting

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