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Concrete achievements


The GIS Users Group events are not just conferences.  The users get the chance to receive useful content, guides, simulators, studies reports and to see real equipment or prototypes.

1/ Comprehensive technical guides and detailed publications:

  • Urban and underground substations
  • Partition and single-line diagram considerations for optimal availability (during MRE = Maintenance, Repair, Extension)
  • Outdoor GIS
  • SF6 management guides
  • Worldwide GIL references database
  • GIL environmental impact analysis (comparison with cable)
  • Monitoring solutions: B-Watch/ PD-Watch/ RPH3/ NCIT
  • Long-term service / Life time extension
  • SF6/eco-design
  • Bwatch site results for 420/220 kV substation
  • And more…

2/ Software/ simulators:

  • Optimal MRE simulator
  • Life Cycle Cost Calculation (AL3C)

3/ Didactic videos:

  • Digital instrument transformers: Full digital chain from sensor to control room
  • Circuit breaker tripping
  • Partial discharge monitoring return on experience
  • Point-on-Wave switching didactic video

4/ Real product demos:

  • Real GIS bays
  • Digital instrument transformers
  • PDWatch system
  • SF6 monitoring System
  • SF6 sealing system
  • Various prototypes to gather the users’ feedback on the future solutions….


5/ Substations visits

  • 2008 in Barcelona/ Host : Endesa
    -       Tanger 220kV substation
  • 2009 in UK/ Host : National grid
    -       Hams Hall F35 substation and 420kV GIL
  • 2010 in Lucerne, Switzerland/ Host : Axpo
    -       Ruopigen F35 and Ingebohl F35 substation
  • 2011 in Cannes, France/ Host : RTE
    -       Trans-en-Provence 400/225kV substation
  • 2012 in Dubai, UAE, Host : DEWA
    -       Horse Race 420/132kV substation