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What is the GIS Users Group?

What is the GIS Users Group?
The Alstom Grid GIS Users Group is a worldwide community of technical specialists focused on GIS developments in terms of products, systems and services.

Your evolving needs are the driving forces behind our industry transformations. Our GIS Users Group meeting is a unique opportunity to:

  • Share understanding and timing of the key drivers that shape tomorrow’s energy industry, 
  • Network with like-minded peers and share ideas and experience, 
  • Exchange feedback with technical experts and influence the direction of research projects.

What are your benefits?
The GIS Users Group offers you the chance to:

  • Work together with Alstom Grid experts and your industry peers to improve your installed solutions,
  • Be aware of new technologies and practices to optimize GIS use,
  • Focus on upcoming releases and developments, 
  • Openly share needs and expectations.

How does it work?
The GIS Users Group Sessions consist of technical conferences in general sessions and focused workshops in order to address specific issues.

The philosophy is that you and your needs must drive the event, that’s why sessions are:

  • Chaired by a President representing the interests of the GIS Users, 
  • Hosted by one GIS User. 
  • Driven by an Executive Board consisting of 50% of Users and and 50% of Alstom experts,
  • This way, you and your fellows and Alstom Grid experts will build a long-lasting relationship for technical and energy market issues, with meetings on a yearly basis.