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Customers' testimonies

Read comments from GIS Users who attented to previous Alstom Grid GIS USERS GROUP

Alstom participant 
"We want to shift the paradigm and move from a Supplier relationship to a Partner relationship and to tie up a long-term relationship with a GIS manufacturer having gained a strong experience in System projects..."

"... very satisfied of this fruitful conference... received useful knowledge from every topic presented at the conference, especially MRE Operation Guide.
... new ideas dealing with eco-design and partial discharge measurement in the demo area.
Thank you for the warmest Alstom Grid 2009 GIS Users Group Conference!"

"Thank you very much for your hospitality and for an interesting conference... The conference booklet is excellent with some really useful information.
We are currently reviewing our design specification for GIS and I am hoping to include significant changes based on the MRE guide."

"The substation visit was interesting and offers the possibility to see different solutions, other technology and to exchange points of view."

"... Networking area was a good tool to talk about products with experts and was of even more value than conferences. Possibility to spend more time to use more resources..."