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2014 GIS Users Group Conference


General information

  • The 6th GIS Users Group conference will be held in Singapore on June 24-26, 2014. Singapore Power Grid will kindly host this event in Singapore 


    Marina Bay Sands hotel. For more information:
    Accommodation expenses will be borne by Alstom Grid on June 24 and June 25.
    Note: Additional nights and travel expenses remain at the delegate's cost.

    Provisionnal agenda

    Tuesday, June 24
    Delegates arrival/ Welcome and registration 

    12:00 Welcome buffet
    14:00 Opening sessions
    Welcome  address by SPPG
    Welcome address by the GIS Users Group Chairman, Christian Lindner, Axpo
    Welcome address by GIS Product Line Vice-President, Jean Nakache
    R&D Roadmap by GIS Product Line R&D Director, Yves Doin
    Introduction to the demo area and expert corners
    Break in the demo area/ expert corners

    16:30 Session 1
    Future networks characteristics
    18:30 Free time in the demo area and expert corners
    20:00 Dinner at the hotel

    Wednesday, June 25
    08:30 Session 2
    Partial discharge monitoring
    10:00 Break in the demo area /expert corners
    10:30 Session 3
    Point–on-wave switching
    12:30 Buffet lunch

    14:00 Site visit 

    20:00 Networking dinner

    Thursday, June 26

    08:00 Session 4
    GIS Asset Health Index, a tool for life cycle management
    10:00 Break in the demo area/ expert corners
    10:30 Guided product demos
    12:00 Conference closing and adjournment
    12:30 Buffet lunch 

    NEW !
    For the first time this year, one-to-one meetings between users and experts will be possible for side discussions. A schedule will be available on site upon your arrival.


  • Conference 1: Future networks characteristics and developmentsFuture networks characteristics and developments
    Transmission grids adapt constantly to cope with the rapid growth in load demand and fast development of the integrated markets. The high voltage networks characteristics are changing and their performances have to be adjusted accordingly. This conference is a real opportunity for participants to share visions and discuss drivers that will shape tomorrow’s networks. The exchanges will be of upmost interest to grid operators to specify and manage their future assets. Alstom Grid, as a high voltage equipment manufacturer, will be able to integrate the outcome of the discussions in the product roadmaps. Conference abstract in the detailed programme.

    Conference 2: Partial discharge monitoringPartial discharge monitoring
    The conference on partial discharge monitoring is designed to be a didactic session. Delegates will learn about the basics of UHF method to detect partial discharge, understand the strong connection between UHF signal and GIS characteristics and the effects on PD monitoring and expert systems implementation. Several users will also share information about decision making and their return on experience. Conference abstract in the detailed programme.


    Conference 3: Point-on-wave switching
    Point-on-wave switchingThe conference on point-on-wave switching will be a very interactive session with expert demonstrations, films and users testimonials. Delegates will have the opportunity to understand the technology and its benefits in terms of total cost of ownership. Alstom experts will explain the principles of point-on-wave switching systems. A didactic film will support the demonstrations in a very didactic way. Some Users will show their return on experience on various applications:

    • Switching on long overhead lines
    • Switching on high voltage transformers
    • Switching on reactors. 

    Conference abstract in the detailed programme.

    Conference 4: GIS Asset Health Index, a tool for life cycle managementGIS Asset Health Index, a tool for life cycle management
    The first target of this conference is to share concerns about GIS asset ageing, how to assess the health status and expected remaining life-time and how to optimize the operational and maintenance costs. The second one is to present the Asset Health Index (AHI) concept and the Alstom model based on 45 years’ experience as a GIS manufacturer and a Service provider. The AHI data can automatically be transmitted to the Network Management System, making remote asset management decisions easier. .Conference abstract in the detailed programme.

    The official conference language is English.

Demo area

  • Product pole

    A real F35 145 kV bayA real F35 145 kV bay

    The most compact 145 kV GIS

    • SF6 mass reduced by 30 %
    • Perfect down to -30 °C
    • Reduced sealing length, by 30 %
    • Expert SF6 management
    • Digital monitoring and control systems

    A real T155 420 kV phaseT155 420kV

    T155-420 kV, 63 kA, 5000 A
    • Safety-driven design
    • Building dimensions reduced by 30 %
    • Pre-assembled bays
    • Full-spring mechanical drives
    • First-class availability
    • Digital monitoring and control systems

    Partial discharge monitoring

    Partial discharge monitoring

    • Display of the components and live simulations
    • PDWatch acquisition and PDWatch Manager software for investigation and expertise
    • PDWatch online supervision application for trend evaluation, archive processing and remote communication
    • UHF100 acquisition unit acquiring signals from UHF internal and external sensors
    • Remote access

    Maintenance Isolating Device (MID):Maintenance isolating device

    • The MID is a device which enhances the availability during
    • Maintenance, Repair and Extension (MRE) phases.
    • Display of a B105 single-phase double busbar assembly with MID
    • to show disconnectors, earthing switches and contacts
    • to describe the combined disconnector and earthing switch
    • to explain MID operation
    • to illustrate MID features

     Point-on-wave switchingpoint-on-wave switching

    • an educational corner to give explanations
    about the technology and the impact in terms of total cost of ownership of HV equipment.

    SF6 and condition monitoring

      SF6 and condition monitoring
    • Display of the components and live simulations
    • BWatch3 local HMI for solution start-up and maintenance
    • BWatch3 online supervision application for instant monitoring, trend evaluation, archive processing and remote communication
    • BWatch3 Manager software tool for asset planning
    • Bwatch3 acquisition & and process unit acquiring data from GIS SF6 digital transmitters

    Asset Health Index                                                

    Asset health.jpg

    A discussion corner about the Alstom Asset Health Index and the asset management tool as integratedin the Alstom “e-terra” Network Management Solution.


    An overview of Alstom expert trainings and a specialist available to answer your questions.

    ME4 drive

    ME4 drive

    • The drive for disconnector and earting drives on all Alstom GIS
    • Improved User Interface for safe operation


    • Display of the latest GIL designs              
    • GIL.jpgDiscussion corner about SF6 free solution

    SF6 management

    Discussion corners about                             



    • Eco-design
    • F-gas regulation
    • Our gasket technology
    • Alstom Green offer