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2012 Conference

General information 2012

  • 2012 GIS Users Group
    26 - 28 November Dubai, UAE


    Meydan Racecourse
    Al Meydan Road, Nad Al Sheba
    P.O. Box 9305
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    VISA Information

    If you have a valid passport (valid until May 26th, 2013 at least) from one of the following countries, you will NOT need to apply for a visa:

    Andorra, Austria, Australia, Brunei, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United-Kingdom, USA, Vatican.

    If you DO NOT have a passport from one the above countries, YOU WILL NEED to apply for a visa, at least 30 days before your date of arrival in the UAE.
    Please send your visa request to our agency at, enclosing :

    • A colour scan of your passport (pages with personal information)
    • A colour scan of a passport photo
    • Your flight details (flight number, date of departure/arrival at Dubai)


Conferences & workshops

    Dubai, 26-28 November 2012

    Monday, November 26
    - Registration
    - Opening sessions in the afternoon 
    - Free time in product demo area
    - Dinner 

    Tuesday, November 27 
    - Partial discharges monitoring conference
    - Products demos
    - Substation visit
    - Social event

    Wednesday, November 28: 
    - Future Network developments and characteristics
    - Availability concept conference
    - Asset management strategies conference
    - Free time in product demo area
    - Closing in the afternoon

    Conference & Workshop Topics 2012

    Future networks characteristics for higher nominal values
    - Investigate background of requirements for higher values
    - Propose a guide-line on how the characteristics of the GIS should be aligned with the results of network studies 

    Online partial discharge monitoring
    - Propose a tutorial on the different techniques for PDM
    - Highlight the critical aspects of signal interpretation
    - Show a return on experience from live substations equipped with online PDM 

    Asset management strategies
    - How do the new generations of GIS contribute to the enhancement of the Total Cost of Ownership
    - Invite users to tell their expectations (regarding the above) 

    Availability: MRE/MID, nice to have or really needed
    - Show some return on experience
    - Invite users and experts to debate and tell about their expectations

Real products demo area

  • Product pole: 

    A real F35 bay equipped with all digital solutions:F35-Bay 120-120

    • SF6 Gas monitoring (BWatch3) 
    • Circuit breaker and point-on-wave controller (RPH3)
    • Partial discharge monitoring (PDWatch)

    A real 420kV single break circuit breaker pole:

    420 kV-Circuit-breaker

    Thanks to the advanced design, our 420kV single break GIS features competitive advantages:

    • Reduced footprint
    • Enhanced reliability
    • Optimized total cost of ownership. 

    Disconnector with bus transfer current:Disconnector

    • Standards are evolving and Alstom brings a technical solution

    MRE4 drive:
    ME4 drive

    • Mock-up of MRE4                                                   
    • Standardisation of Disconnector and Earting Drives on Alstom GIS 
    • Improved User Interface for safe operation

    Monitoring pole:

    Partial discharge monitoring real demo (PDWatch):
    Display of the components and live simulations:

    • The PDWatch acquisition and PDWatch Manager software tools for investigation and expertise
    • The PDWatch On-Line supervision application for trend evaluation, archive processing and remote communication
    • A UHF100 acquisition unit acquiring signals from UHF internal and external sensors
    • Remote access

    SF6 and GIS monitoring (BWatch3):

    Display of the components and live simulations:

    • The BWatch3 local HMI for solution start-up and maintenance
    • The BWatch3 On-Line supervision application for instant monitoring, trend evaluation, archive processing and remote communication
    • The BWatch3 Manager software tool for asset planning purpose
    • A Bwatch3 acquisition & and process unit acquiring data from GIS SF6 digital transmitters

    Availability Pole:

    Maintenance Isolating Device (MID):
    The MID is a device which enhances the availability during Maintenance, Repair and Extension (MRE) phases.Double busbar assembly with MID

    Display of a B105 single-phase double busbar assembly with MID

    • to show disconnectors, earthing switches and contacts
    • to describe the combined disconnector and earthing switch
    • to explain MID operation
    • to illustrate MID features

    Maintenance-Repair-Extension (MRE) safety rules
    Display of bus eclosures, conductors and insulators assembly 

    • to explain the MRE safety rules
    • to show what is a shield insulator
    • to show that sliding conductors transmit neglegible stresses

Substation visit

  • Dubai 400/132 kV substation

    Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), the sole utility of Emirates of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has kindly offered to host the event in Dubai in 2012.

    We will have the opportunity to visit an important 400/132kV substation, built by Alstom Grid, which is a crucial node to city’s transmission network.

    The technical visit will highlight the features that are incorporated in the substation design to meet or exceed the stringent regulations, for uninterrupted connectivity to the grid.

    DEWA delivers electricity to more than 600,000 consumers across the Emirate of Dubai and has well defined policies for conditional monitoring and preventive maintenance, which ensure reliable and quality power for these customers.

    The substation equipment including 400kV and 132kV GIS has the required functionalities that contribute to achieve these objectives.

    These and other operational and maintenance practices will be explained and deliberated during the visit and it will be a good opportunity for the participants, to share with each other their experiences as utility and industrial service providers.